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A raw skin consists of head and shoulder, belly and butt These 3 parts in area have different fibre structure: Shoulder is rough, belly is loose and butt is firm Leather product needs to levelize the area making a satisfied field. In cross section of the skins, we can find the layers as epidermis dermis and subcutaneous tissues.
Different animal skin tissue
Different animal skin tissue

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Dermis is the layer we need for leather production. So we need to get rid of the unused part first and keep the useful part stable.Then we need to give required suppleness, colour, density and other special properties to the dermis layer. This transformation called tanning. When the leather is dry and clean, we give surface decoration and protection. This will make leather useful and suitable to the require of the end leather product.

Conservation of raw hides:
i?SAir dry
i?SWet salted (Brine cured)
i?SWet white
i?SWet blue

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