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Leather origins from natural raw material and itai??i??s biological or organic character lasts till finished. There must be some limits in applications, some articles which are sensitive to heat, water or chemical attack may avoid to use leather. But in the other side, the natural and unique outlook, smooth and warm touch closed to human skin will also attract people to choose leather. Personal belongs like shoes, handbag, gloves, belt or household wares such as furniture, interior decoration and office stationery are commonly making use of leather. In the fashion trend, leather is used even in art crafts, jewel or toys.


Shoe upper: Combination tanning, all kinds of physical properties required, cow, goat, and pig skin are generally chosen
Sole: Full vegetable, heavy, tight and flat
Lining: Chrome free, semi-vegetable, light, thin, good fastness, cow, pig goat, sheep skin are suitable

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Leather Goods

Quality and pattern according to design. All animal, all colours, all fashion, good fastness to water and light, preferable light.


Industrial, household, casual and sport purposes, good physical fastness, light and better washable. Cow, pig, sheep, goat, deer, rabbit skin are used.

Garment and accessary

Clothing, belt, hat and decoration accessary. Light, less tensile, good fastness. Cow, goat, sheep, pig are used.

Upholstery dalacin t

Large area, no holes, good fastness. Cow, buffalo, yak leather


Large area, no holes, good physical properties, free formaldehyde and chrome six content restricted, past frogging value test. Cow and buffalo leather.

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Sport Purchase

Balls are made from all kinds of special tanning effect according to special need. Generally less tensile, less water uptake, tight and dense, good abrasion resistance. Cow, Goat, horse, kangaroo, skin.

methotrexate price in australia Saddlery

Used on horses, mainly vegetable tanned cow or horse leather.


Book binding, stationery, industrial uses, art crafts, cleaning, and carpet tiles.

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