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Leather is the end product from processing of raw skins or hides. The raw material comes from killing of animals like cow, pig, goat or sheep. People eat the meat and tanners process the skin. Skin biologically consist gelatin which is a kind of protein.

After chemical treatment, protein turns to leather which becomes not easily putrefied and can be reproduced to useful leather articles. Whenever there are exist of human beings, there are breeding of animals. Man eats animal meats and we have the byproduct leather.


So leather can be named as regenerated natural resources replacing other materials like textile, plastic, rubber for human usage.

Other than that, animals like horse, camel, kangaroo, deer, fish, reptiles and birds can also be used for the production of leather which can suit our need. Most generally needed raw material is from bovine.

We have cow, bull, steer, heifer, calf, buffalo and yak for this propose. The living condition, freed, sex, age way of slaughter, way of conservation determines the grading and value of the hide. The grain pattern, fibre structure and firmness of different animal skin give us various types and pattern of leather.


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Murrah Buffalo
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Yak From Xiaojin
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Yak from Wolong
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Indian Murrah Buffalo
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Friesien Holland
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Blonded D’aquitaine

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A2 leather Source Origin of Leather_4
Jersey UK
American Brown Swiss
American Brown Swiss

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