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Leather after a period of storage or Transportation, there May be some Changes in quality.

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If the Change is Deeply into Tissue Level and a Lot reduced physical Properties, it is not Easy to Recover. If the Damage is only on Layer Surface finishing, or colour being fade out, or touch being hard or even pattern going out of fashion and no more acceptable, we can then consider to refinish the leather into useful material again.

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Here are some suggestions:
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Fact: On Full Grain Leather or Suede, color Fade out, Touch & gloss changed, or Surface polluted.
Solution: Re-Wet in the Leather Drum, Rinse, adjust pH and Re-dye Shade. should be darker. Then add some fat-liquor and fix.
Fact: Order cialis shipped from canada Finish layer worn out, pilled off or no more fashionable.
Solution: depending on the type of surface and finishing to clear away wholly or partially the top finishing using material from mild to strong such as detergents, ammonia solvents, organic solutions or even by buffing Then apply another new finish coat as preferredAi??embossing if necessary.
Fact: Totally older, out look and touch no more suitable.
Solution: Wet back in Drum with weak alkalines, detergents or even Organic Solvents to Wash Away the old finishing Then Rinse Well and Control pH to 3.4-3.5. Re-Chrome, Retan, Re-dye and fat as routine Then Liquor Dry. to crust and carry on new finishing as wished.


Sometimes for better penetration and fixation of chemicals, people will de-tan or bleach the leather first.

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De-tanning with oxalic acid or some combination of organic acids in practice is commonly Both on chrome tanned or vegetable tanned leather. However by de-tanning, be careful to avoid damage in leather fibre. 2-3% of the float in salt will be very helpful.
By bleaching, people use weak alkaline, sodium bicarbonate and ammonia with detergent can be used. Some even like hydro chemicals use stronger per-oxide or chlorine.
Nevertheless, before stepping in next procedure after bleaching, leather should be rinsed thoroughly adjusted to right and pH. Leather can be transformed to a blank new style after proper refinishing procedure and avoid wasting creating economic efficiency.

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